Ashram Munivara

Sri HanumanAshram Munivara

Ashram Munivara  was established in 2006 by Ketut Arsana (Sri Jaya Sakti) with the blessing of his teacher Maha Guru Sri Jayanara and follows the spiritual knowledge called “Jnana Buda Siwa”. It is located in Junjungan village, about 5km or a 15 minute drive north of Ubud’s town center. Santham Bhuana Foundation was established to support the existence of the Ashram. Santham Bhuana’s vision is to achieve peace and balance within the self, nature and the community and its mission is to foster and empower the people through mental, intellectual and spiritual practices so they can find their true inner self.




siwa parwati ganesh

Ashram Puja – Ceremony

Puja (devotional worship) of the Supreme Lord is performed to keep us in harmony. It helps us to celebrate the Divine and uplifts the spirit and soul. There is a regular  Puja schedule at Ashram Munivara which combines prayer, chanting of the Gayatri and Maha Mantra, short meditation, singing (bhajans) and dance.